Our Work

This is a skills development and training program in partnership with Sandvik Mining Zimbabwe that was launched in February 2019. The program offers Basic Life Skills, Community Service, All Trades Introductory and Industrial Training among many others. HELP aims to equip the homeless with skills to navigate the labour market, take advantage of employment opportunities (including opportunities for self-employment) leading to self-sustenance. We plan to expand this program to include a number of Corporates and have groups completing training throughout the year. Job placement is a significant challenge with this project and so we are currently securing partnerships with local companies to ensure that the expansion of the project is sustainable.

This is a continuous drive assisting the homeless in accessing national identification documents (IDs) such as birth certificates and national IDs. Majority of the homeless people are not documented hence they struggle accessing opportunities and education leaving them trapped in this vicious cycle.

The EatOut Movement has become a point of contact for the homeless community in Harare and we have therefore started a Homeless Hotline for the homeless community, as well as every-day people to report anyone in need to assistance. 

The EatOut Movement has also become a major player in crisis management in regards to our homeless in community in Zimbabwe. We have led campaigns during the Cholera outbreak in 2018; facilitated and coordinated donations during the aftermath of Cyclone Idai and we are currently leading the relocation of the homeless community to three separate temporary shelters in Harare in response to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.