The We Are One Movement is a collaboration of efforts between organisations, individuals, companies and communities. National coordination is driven by the EatOut Movement, with technical support from ORAP, Feed The City Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Labour and Social Services.

EatOutMovement is a social impact organisation that has been running since 2017 with a focus on identifying, rehabilitating and supporting the homeless population, and addressing the challenge of homelessness in terms of preventing it through innovative, people-centred approaches.

The Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) is a grassroots development organisation whose mandate is to eradicate poverty among rural and urban communities of Zimbabwe. Leading thinking in innovation around humanitarian assistance and development, ORAP has deep-rooted community ties that allow for effective communication and engagement.

Since 2018 Feed the City Zimbabwe has been pushing its mission to create awareness on the many faces of hunger, while concurrently feeding the hungry. By creating platforms to host conversations around hunger, they have stimulated innovations such as social consumerism to create sustainable solutions to the fight against hunger. Their strategic links to the private sector are key to creating sustainable solutions for the long term.

The Ministry of Social Labour and Social Welfare is the arm of government with statutory responsibility for the protection of vulnerable populations in Zimbabwe. They play a key role in guiding the work of the We Are One Movement for statutory compliance and linkage to rest of the government systems. The We Are One Movement owes its significant impact to  collaboration with partners that bring a multitude of skills.